What retro games are you currently playing?

Hi guys,

Today I’d like to ask you all a few questions. πŸ™‚

What retro games are you currently playing and on what platforms are you playing them on?

Do you play them on a real computer/console or via emulation?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, so please leave a comment below for everyone to see. Maybe someone will get inspiration to try a new game or return to an old favourite? Thanks in advance guys. πŸ™‚

As for myself, I’m currently hooked on old-school RPG’s after the release of the awesome Legend of Grimrock. Due to this game, I’ve installed several classics on my Amiga and I’ve just started playing Eye of the Beholder again. It’s a nice looking game and very atmospheric.

Flight of the Amazon Queen for the Amiga (screenshot taken from LemonAmiga)
Flight of the Amazon Queen for the Amiga (screenshot taken from Lemon Amiga)

I’m also getting into the Flight of the Amazon Queen and my mission is to complete this game whatever the costs. πŸ˜‰ If you like point and click adventure games, there’s a big chance that you’ll enjoy this one. It’s very good, at least in my opinion. πŸ™‚


  1. I have been getting back into a lot of the old LucasArts stuff. Thanks to Steam I downloaded The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Loom, etc in a nice LucasArts package deal.


    • Hi L.H Forsberg,

      Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

      Ahh.. that sounds nice. I haven’t played The Dig, but I love the Indiana Jones games. I’ve got the original Amiga version of Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade. Have you completed Loom before? I’ve always thought that Loom looked like a difficult game to play.


      • If you get a chance to play Dig I highly recommend it. The game play, graphics, voice acting, and score all helped to make it one of my favorite games.

        I haven’t gotten around to Loom just yet, but will certainly let you know.


        • Hi mate,

          Thanks for your advice concerning The Dig. I’m definitely going to follow your advice on this one. Checked out some graphics from the game and it looks very good. Will be fun with a new game to play! Right now I’m playing the Flight of the Amazon Queen, which I aim to finish in the near future. It’s great fun – good humour in that game.

          That sounds good. Looking forward to hear about Loom.

          Have a good Lucasarts-gaming day! πŸ˜‰


  2. Got “Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire” paused on the N64 right now. I didn’t realise it was also on the PC until I was several levels in. Would have played that version if I knew. I always prefer to play the PC version of something if possible but I’m not a fan of emulating other systems. Just doesn’t feel the same.

    I’ll probably give “Flight of the Amazon Queen” a go sometime. The point & click games that I like, I really like.


    • Hi Vyothric,

      Cool that you’re considering the Flight of the Amazon Queen. If you like to play it on the PC, you can run it through ScummVM with full speech. πŸ˜€ You can download it freely from the ScummVM site if I remember correctly.

      Never played that Star Wars game. Is it good?


  3. Head Over Heels on the ZX Spectrum.
    The humble machine turns 30 tomorrow (April 23rd) so I’ve been working through a lot of games that I always enjoyed playing as a kid. Forget the old Spectrum v Commodore rivalry for one day lets call a truce and all download ZX Spin and some games from The World Of Spectrum and enjoy the retro fest. For some other game suggestions – Exolon, Cybernoid, Manic Miner, Action Force 2 and Three Weeks In Paradise.

    The Speccy was the machine I grew with and it will always be my number 1 gaming system. Even after all these years playing games – even under emulation – is great. Although there is something to be said for loading the games from tape!


    • Hello there Phendrena,

      Many thanks for your comment.

      Hehe.. you’ve got a deal! The truce is on.. πŸ˜‰ Let us all wish the ZX Spectrum a happy 30th birthday today! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the game suggestions. I’m familiar with Head over Heels and Manic Miner. I like Head over Heels.

      How long does it in average take to load a game from tape on the ZX Spectrum?


      • Head Over Heels would load in around 5 mins as the game data isn’t that large. An epic load like Carrier Command using a full 128k took around 12 mins!! It was epic. Even more so if you got the dreaded R: Tape loading error!!

        Most emulators will allow you to properly load games in so you can relive the glory days…


        • Hi Phendrena,

          Thanks for the reply. I was amazed to read that Carrier Command took around 12 minutes to load! That is a LONG time. πŸ˜€ The error-message you mentioned, does that one pop up after it has finished loading? If it does, I’m sure it must be very annoying. I remember that happened on the C64 and it was always disappointing.


          • Yeah, it’s a really long time!! Yes, the dreaded error tended to appear after the game had got to the end of it’s loading – most annoying!!!
            The joys and fun of messing around with the azimuth alignment on the tape head!! πŸ™‚


  4. As a World of WarCraft player I’m sorta going back and playing some of the older games Blizzard made like WarCraft Orcs and Humans, WarCraft II, the original StarCraft and Diablo, etc.


    • Hi Nate,

      Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚

      The games you listed are excellent. I’ve played a lot of Warcraft RTS in the past and enjoyed it a lot. Never been into the Online RPG’s though.

      Do you play the original StarCraft Online?


  5. I have been playing Final Fantasy V on PS1 which is part of the Final Fantasy Anthology release, Shining Force I, and Shining Force II on my Xbox 360 which was released through the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection package. No emulation for the moment since the designated comp I have for that is down.


  6. A $5 SNES game called Super Strike Eagle. So far it’s been pretty crap, but ah well. And I’ve been playing this on my actual SNES BTW.


        • Hehe.. that might be a good idea, although it is always fun to buy something when it is cheap – it often feels like a real bargain. Have done the same many times myself. These days I tend to focus more on quality.


  7. In the past week done quite a bit of retro’ing.
    – Tempest 2000 on Jaguar (because just picked up the game)
    – Rtype, Bloodmoney and Project X on the Amiga. Still playing around with WHDLOAD. Started out by checking out Project X, them went into a bit of a Shumps zone. RTypre plays a lot better than I remember it, although the colours on the 2nd level look strange. Maybe its the cable I am using to connect to a LCD.
    – Ms Pacman on Mame, my son beat my high-score so had to get it back πŸ™‚ (we are both not that great on it)

    This week will be all speccy


  8. Been mostly playing Buggy Boy for the Amiga 500 over the weekend as I’ve been taking part in the Lemon Amiga and EAB gaming competition! Currently I’m using an emulator though as my A500 still isn’t working, although I do prefer to play in the real hardware when I can!


    • Hi James Hare,

      Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

      Nice to see that you’re participating the game competition at Lemon and EAB. Have you managed to get a good score in Buggy Boy? Do you play for EAB or Lemon? I wish you luck in the competitions – give’em hell! πŸ˜‰


    • Hi Johnny Perkins,

      Many thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

      I’m definitely going to check out your blog. Sounds like an interesting project. Are you going to focus on Sierra games or will you play others as well? Completing the Kings Quest games is no walk in the park. πŸ™‚ Thumbs up for completing the first one!


  9. I have an old laptop based on a intel 486 chip which is perfect for playing old DOS games. I’ve been using that rescently and enjoying Police Quest I, Wing Commander, Loom and quite of a lot of Microproses’s F-19. I also have my Master System setup on my geek desk so it’s been outrun, Wonderboy, Shinobi, Alex Kidd (MW) and Transbot.


      • Hi mate,

        At the moment it’s running DOS 6.2 although I’ve had Windows 3.1 and Win95 running on it o.k.

        Hehe, this thing weighs a ton though and is well over an inch thick…but then again, compared to PC’s of old i guess even this brick could be classed as portable πŸ™‚


  10. Recently wrote a post about my most memorable point-and-click adventure game MIDI tunes – which turned out to be the ones I enjoyed most anyway.

    Here it is: http://www.jiksun.com/2012/08/jiksuns-top-9-killer-old-school-adventure-game-soundtracks/

    Been replaying the special edition Monkey Islands on my iPad recently – not quite as awesome as the first time round on PC (X years ago). Same goes with the new episodic Sam & Max vs. Sam & Max Hit The Road.

    Thanks for helping to keep old school games alive!


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