Amiga General Sites:

A-EON Technology Ltd – The creators of the AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOne X5000 and more.

AmigaNG – A website covering AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and other next-generation Amiga platforms – Great resource for information about AmigaOS and hardware – Your guide to everything Amiga!

Hyperion Entertainment – Creators of AmigaOS 4

Lemon Amiga – Games, Download, Emulators, Cheats and Forum

MorphOS – The official website of the Amiga NG OS

MorphZone – MorphOS orientated portal

WHDLoad Support Page – The harddrive installation tool

WinUAE – The ultimate Amiga emulator for Windows

AMIGA Dealers:

Alinea Computer – This is an Amiga shop located in Germany. Big selection of both classic and next-generation hardware and software.

Amedia Computer France – An Amiga shop located in France!

Amiga on the Lake – AmigaOS hardware and software, but also classic as well. Located in the USA.

AmigaKit – Located in the United Kingdom. Vast selection of Amiga hardware and software, including the AmigaOne X5000. – A big Amiga shop located in Spain, which I’ve been buying a lot from over the years.

Individual Computers – You can shop directly from Individual Computers. They sell the Indivision scan-doublers, ACA turbo cards and more! Located in Germany.

RetroAmi – A Polish Amiga shop with newer hardware for sale.

Sordan – Cheap electronics shop with all kinds of components, cables and adapters for your Amiga projects.

Vesalia – An Amiga shop in germany with a big catalogue of items!

AMIga downloads: – The biggest Amiga file archive on the World Wide Web

MorphOS Storage – Downloads for MorphOS – Your number 1 stop for AmigaOS 4 files!

WHDownLoad – A huge library of Amiga games ready to run with WHD-Load!

AMIGA Forums: – Legendary forum that’s been around for ages – Great forum with focus on AmigaOS 4 -Very popular Amiga forum

Amiga Addict Magazine – New magazine (printed and digital) for Amiga users!

Amiga Love – A nice forum covering all aspects of the Amiga

Apollo Forum – The official forum for the Vampire turbo-cards Forum – The official forum of

English Amiga Board (EAB) – Amiga discussion forum


10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast – Excellent podcast series covering the Amiga. Focuses more on hardware and software instead of games, which makes it stand a bit out from the rest. Highly recommend watching this show!

Aliennerd’s Blog – Awful Waffle

AmigaBlogs – Nice website promoting Amiga orientated blogs!

AMIcast – Superb podcast about the Amiga. Does often contain interesting interviews with developers.

AmigaOne X5000 Blog – Adventures with a next generation Amiga

AmigaOneX – Kevin Saunders’ blog about his work on Amiga Classic and next-gen

Amigos Amiga Podcast – Great Amiga orientated podcast with new episodes every week. Mainly focuses on games and reviews one game per episode. Excellent stuff, highly recommended!

Amiga Magazine Rack – Re-discover those old printed magazines from the past!

Coder’s Blog – Lot’s of Amiga related content, programming tutorials, the exciting “Amiga in the Attic” series and much, much more!

Epsilon’s Amiga Blog – Very good blog that covers both classic and next-gen Amiga

FPGA Arcade Replay – The home of the wonderful board from Mike

Gaming History 101 – Great retro gaming blog with lot’s of great posts about shoot’em up’s.

Hyperion Entertainment Blog – Straight from the AmigaOS 4 devs!

Indie Retro News – Excellent website providing news related to retro gaming and computing.

Mambo’s Amiga Blog – Cool blog that covers everything Amiga

Nostalgia Nerd – Excellent retro gaming and computing videos!

O’Briens Retro & Vintage – Second-hand shop in Norway. Distributor of Amiga Future. Sells retro games, hardware and more for many platforms, including Amiga, Commodore 64/128, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and so forth.

Old School Game Blog – My personal blog covering mainly the Amiga range of computers, but also other platforms from time to time.

Puni’s Homepage – My personal homepage with a small blog section.

Retro Otaku – Cool blog about old-school RPG’s, arcade cabs, rants about old games. All good stuff!

Retrocengo – This YouTube-channel is for everyone who enjoys Amiga, Commodore, retro-gaming and/or pinball!

RetroManCave – Great YouTube-channel covering the Amiga, but also other platforms.

Skateman’s World – Amiga orientated blog, but with other interesting stuff as well.

Stephen Coates – The website of Stephen Coates, an Amiga user I know from 🙂

The Guru Meditation – Very nice YouTube-channel covering the Amiga.

UltimatePPC – The official homepage of the UltimatePPC turbo-card project

Vintage is the New Old – Great website covering retro gaming and computing!

Demoscene: – Here you can find information about upcoming demo parties.

Demozoo – A big website covering the history of the Demoscene. Contains new releases, news and much, much more. – The main place to download new and old releases, comment on productions and more! – Well established Demoscene website.

Void – The Amiga Demo Group – The home of my demo group Void. We make demos and other kinds of releases (magazines, music disks and more) for the Amiga.


DOSBox – A utility that makes it possible to play DOS games on your modern Windows box

Lemon64 – Fantastic C64/128 resource

ScummVM – Great tool that makes it possible to run old adventure games on many different platforms

The Macintosh Garden – Abandonware for the Mac!

Last updated: 3rd of July 2021