10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast – Excellent podcast covering the Amiga

A-EON Technology – The makers of the AmigaOne X1000 – Retro trading site with focus on the Amiga – A forum where you can discuss everything related to the Amiga

AmigaBlogs – A website keeping track of the different Amiga orientated blogs out there

AmigaOne X5000 Blog – Very nice blog about AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOne

AmigaOS – Remember when computing was fun?

Amiga Magazine Rack – Re-discover those old printed magazines from the past! – An Amiga webshop that sells everything from games to AmigaOS 4 systems – A great place to keep up with everything related to AmigaOS 4

AMIGArama Podcast – Superb podcast about Amiga games – Fine forum for AmigaOS 4 users

Amigos Amiga Podcast – Great Amiga orientated podcast with new episodes every week – The biggest Amiga file archive on the World Wide Web

Apollo Forum – The official forum for the Vampire turbo-cards – Your guide to everything Amiga! Forum – The official forum of

DiscreetFX – The official homepage of the creators of Project Metropolis

English Amiga Board (EAB) – Amiga discussion forum

FPGA Arcade Replay – The home of the wonderful board from Mike

Hyperion Entertainment Blog – Follow the ongoing development of AmigaOS 4

Lemon Amiga – Games, Download, Emulators, Cheats and Forum

MorphOS – The official website of the Amiga NG OS

MorphZone – MorphOS orientated portal

Trevor’s Amiga Blog – The blog of Trevor Dickinson, one of the men behind A-EON Technology

UltimatePPC – The official homepage of the UltimatePPC turbo-card project

Vampire 2 – The homepage of the new accelerator for the Amiga 600

WHDLoad Support Page – The harddrive installation tool

WinUAE – The ultimate Amiga emulator for Windows


Amstrad CPC Mania – Great Amstrad resource


Atari-Forum – Huge discussion forum

The Atari Times – All you want to know about the Atari

The Little Green Desktop – Atari ST Games Archive

Commodore – Download games, demos and explore the C64 in general

Commodore is Awesome – The blog about all things Commodore (and Amiga)

Lemon64 – Fantastic C64/128 resource


The Macintosh Garden – Abandonware for the Mac!


O’Briens Retro & Vintage – Second-hand shop in Norway with some retro-gaming stuff

Retro Game Forum – A relatively new forum about everything related to retro gaming

ScummVM – Great tool that makes it possible to run old adventure games on many different platforms

PC DOS/Windows

Abandonia – Great abandonware site. Download old DOS games for free!

DOSBox – A utility that makes it possible to play DOS games on your modern Windows box

XTC Abandonware – Online since 1997. Supreme quality. Download classic DOS games.


PSX-Scene – A trusted source for information about all things related to the Playstation

Psxa2zcom – Your Complete NTSC U/C Game Guide.


Vectrex Game Database – The Comprehensive List of Vectrex Games

ZX Spectrum

World of Spectrum – The number one place for games, demos and programs for your ZX Spectrum!

Fellow Retro Freaks, Bloggers and podcasts

Aliennerd’s Blog – Awful Waffle

AMIcast – Superb podcast about the Amiga. Does often contain interesting interviews with developers.

Amiga Games – Awesome blog from the Retro Brothers

AmigaOne X5000 Blog – Adventures with a Next Generation Amiga

Amigos Amiga Podcast – One of my favs. This one is about the Amiga. Great stuff!

Coder’s Blog – Lot’s of Amiga related content, programming tutorials, the exciting “Amiga in the Attic” series and much, much more!

CritAnime’s bit of the web – CritAnime posts on the Commodore is Awesome blog, but does also have his personal one. Well worth checking out.

Funny Games – Old and funny games from the Retro Brothers

Gaming History 101 – Great retro gaming blog with lot’s of great posts about shoot’em up’s.

Guru Meditation – Great blog about retro gaming, but not updated since 2014.

Retro Game Music – Interested in music from retro games? Look no further!

Retro Game On – Here you’ll find a lot of interesting articles about retro gaming

Retro Otaku – Cool blog about old-school RPG’s, arcade cabs, rants about old games. All good stuff!

Skateman’s World – Amiga orientated blog, but with other interesting stuff as well.

Smuggsy – An excellent blog that contains a lot of interesting stuff about old games and hardware

StephenΒ  Coates – Website recently updated with new design – looks promising!

StiGGy’s Blog – Retro gaming and more!


Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer – Japanese gaming!

The Gay Gamer – Lot’s of old-school gaming stuff!

Two Scones and a Milkshake

Videogames Revisited

ZX Spectrum Games – Blog from the Retro Brothers. A treasure-trove of ZX Spectrum games!


(Links last updated on the 10th of February 2020)


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      Sure, that would be excellent! πŸ™‚ I really enjoy reading your Amiga games blog by the way. Great stuff!

      I’ll send you a mail with my contact information. πŸ™‚ Hope that is ok.

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  1. Hello Oldschoolgameblog!
    This is Pat of Pat’s Retro Video Game Reviews on Thanks for your comments on my articles. It’s awesome to meet other retro game enthusiasts especially Amiga ones!


  2. Hi,

    Firstly, can I say I really like your website! There’s so much great content that it will take me a while to get through it all!

    I’m writing to ask about spreading the word about my website: . It’s a small site, administered only by myself, focusing on reviews of games (mostly retro) and game-related movies. It’s not been online long, and I’m constantly adding new material, and I’d appreciate any help you could give in helping me out. I’m happy to post a link to Oldschoolgameblog on my links page too, if you’d like?

    Any feedback you have on the site in general would be greatly appreciated too.

    Kind regards

    Iain Clark

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