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Website: Amiga Magazine Rack

Amiga Magazine Rack

Amiga Magazine Rack

Do you remember those good, old printed Amiga magazines? Did you use to spend time reading CU Amiga, The One, Amiga Action or Amiga Format?

If yes, then I’ve got some good news for you! Those nice blokes at the Amiga Magazine Rack have, with help from contributors, made many of these classic magazines available Online.

Amiga Magazine Rack The One

Want to read some reviews from the games magazine The One? Lot's of stuff available here!

The website was launched back in 2007 after more than two years of development. It has close ties with the Hall of Light (HOL) games database and there is a lot of cross-linking between the two of them. This has, according to the team, resulted in a bigger focus on the gaming aspect of the magazines. That’s good news for old-school gamers.

You’ll find all kinds of Amiga magazines on their website, from The Joker from Germany to Amiga Magazyn from Poland. The big ones (Amiga Power, CU Amiga etc) are of course present.

I think the Amiga Magazine Rack is a great website and I highly recommend visiting it. Have fun reading old reviews, rumours and feel the atmosphere of the good, old days!

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