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New RTS game for AmigaOS 4: Once Upon A Time by AmigaTec

According to news posted at the superb Generation Amiga website, there is a new RTS game coming for the AmigaOS 4:

A new upcoming game from AmigaTec.com the team behind Amiga Racer is working on a new RTS game called ‘Once upon a time’. The game would be like Age of Empires and is expected to be released around XMAS and new years eve. In this game you have to expand your land and defend your castle against enemy’s. More details are to be announced very soon.

This looks interesting. It seems to be quite a bit of activity when it comes to AmigaOS these days. We had the release of the X5000 at AmiWest, as well as news about A.L.I.C.E, Tabor and Libre Office. Anyway, looking forward to hear more about this game! Loved Age of Empires, so a similar game on AmigaOS would be awesome.



Amigos Amiga Podcast Episode 65 – Gloom & Alien Breed 3D

Amigos Logo

Hi everyone,

The Amigos are back with another episode of their Amiga podcast.🙂 This time they’re talking about the old Amiga FPS-games, Alien Breed 3D and Gloom.

AmigaOS 4.1: Comicami – Read comics on your Amiga!


Hi everyone,

A new tool that makes reading comics a breeze has been released for AmigaOS 4.1. The author is George Sokianos.

Here’s the information that was posted on Amiga.org:

Comicami is a light comic reader for the Amiga OS 4. It is able to read the .cbr and .cbz comic book formats. It is designed to be simple in usage and as fast as possible, without consuming too much memory from your system. Now you can read you comic collection at your beloved Amiga.

New versions will follow soon. Check this out at http://os4depot.net/index.php?functi…icami_free.lha

If you find any issues or you want to propose a feature, please use the bugtracker (https://bitbucket.org/walkero/comicami/issues) and report them.


ACube Systems: UBoot 1.3.1f for Sam440ep boards available

 The official ACube logo

Mon, 17 Oct 2016

UBoot 1.3.1f for Sam440ep boards available

Bassano del Grappa, Italy –  17, October 2016

ACube Systems is pleased to announce a new release of the U-Boot firmware for its Sam440ep motherboards (mini-itx and flex versions).

What’s new in this version:

  • – improved gfx cards setup, it solves compatibility problems with some Radeon HD cards
  • – better internal PCI bridge setup for a slight faster RAM <-> VRAM transfer speed
  • – added PEX 8112 PCI – PCIE bridge setup (used on some Radeon HD PCI variant cards)
  • – added a new menu entry to enable/disable IRQ on an external PCI gfx card
  •   (try disabling IRQ if the system seems freezed after loading the AOS4.1 kickstart files, for example)

The updated installation guide describes in detail the usual installation method (ISO image) and alternative methods (TFTP).

You can download installation archives from:


Additional information:

Please note: UBoot and UBoot updater make use of GPL code and thus are both published under GPL.

The sources can be downloaded from:

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