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Video of AmigaOS 4.1 FE on AmigaOne X5000

Hi everyone,

Just read the latest post by Trevor Dickinson (owner of A-EON Technologies) on his blog. There he linked to a film of him using the AmigaOne X5000 with various games and utilities. Since many people are wondering about the current status of AmigaOS 4 in relation to both the X5000 and the Tabor, both upcoming systems from A-EON, I thought I’d share it here.

Hope you liked the film and please do visit the blog of Trevor Dickinson, as it contains a lot of interesting stuff to read.🙂

See you soon in another post!

AmigaOne X5000: You can now register interest with A-EON

The official logo of A-EON Technology

Hi everyone,

Seems like the release of the brand new computer, the AmigaOne X5000, is not too far away. You can now register your interest in purchasing the machine at the A-Eon Technologies website.

The AmigaOne X5000 will be able to run AmigaOS, MorphOS and various variants of Linux.

Prices starting from £1699.

Register interest here: http://a-eon.com/register_x5000.php

AmigaOne X5000

AmigaOne X5000



Amiga 600: Vampire II videos – Sam & Max, 7th Guest and more!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.🙂

Mjnurney, the lucky owner of a Vampire II accelerator for his Amiga 600, has uploaded a ton of cool videos on YouTube.

Here you can see his Amiga running classic games never released for the platform, including the famous Sam & Max, but also titles like 7th Guest and WarCraft.

Enjoy the videos! Will be interesting to see this card running on the Amiga 500 and 1200. Being a owner of a stock Amiga 1200 (which I’m happy with – after all I can run Deluxe Paint, AMOS and Deluxe Galaga), the difference between my setup and one with Vampire is incredible vast. Can’t almost compare it!😀 Not long ago, the Amiga 600 was the little brother (or sister) of the 1200, but being powered by the Vampire, roles have changed!🙂

Amiga: New 64KB Intro by Void

Hi guys,

My Amiga group, Void, released a small 64KB intro at the Solskogen party in Norway this summer.🙂 You can get it from Aminet.net by clicking here. Below you’ll find a YouTube video of the intro from the actual competition at the party place.


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