Website: Abandonia

Abandonia LogoIf you’re interested in downloading and playing old PC DOS games, then look no further than the website known as Abandonia. Here you’ll find more abandonware than you can shake a stick at.

Remember games like North and South, Altered Beast, Wasteland or Horror Zombies from the Crypt? You’ll find them all at Abandonia.

Horror Zombies from the Crypt
Horror Zombies from the Crypt - Get it now!

Abandonia looks professional, as all the games are presented with plenty of interesting information, several screenshots and reviews. You’ll also find information concerning compatibility, which I find very helpful, as it’s not easy to figure out what is needed to run an old game. Some classics works fine with Windows XP for example, while others demand that you run DOSBox.

The games are divided into different categories, which makes it a piece of cake to find what you’re looking for. If you’re still struggling to locate a specific game, you can utilize the excellent search-function.

Abandonia is also home to a thriving community of retro gaming enthusiasts. A quick peek at their forum reveals a lot of activity.

I’ve downloaded quite a few games from Abandonia and I appreciate the service they offer retro gamers. If you like playing old classics or perhaps you are discovering them for the first time, then please have a look at Abandonia. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Brutal Sports Football
Brutal Sports Football - Available at Abandonia


  1. Ergh, DosBOX. Have they made it better yet? I’ve always had a few issues with it, being a bit tempremental at times. Also, how do DOS games fair on Windows 7? I’m going to be updating my laptop (eventually) and it will have Windows 7. Or should I keep my laptop with XP and just get another laptop?


  2. You can play them as long as your PC runs web browsers.

    Remember that if you want to get a US IP address on i –
    Phone or i – Pad, you need a PPTP or L2TP VPN. When you
    are taking a scope of these games then you will find a new way to venture around.


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