Misc: C64 Yourself

While browsing the excellent blog called Commodore is Awesome, I noticed a post concerning an interesting tool called C64 Yourself. It’s an application that converts an image of your choice to look like it was made on the Commodore C64! This is an Online tool, so you don’t need to download anything. Just fire up your favourite browser, head over to http://c64.superdefault.com/, and you are good to go.

C64 Yourself is very easy to use. It’s drag and drop all the way. Just drag an image from a folder on your computer onto the drop-box on the screen and the program will do the rest.

Drop Image Here to Start
Drag and drop rules!

I’ve tried C64 Yourself with three pictures I had on my hard drive. Here are the results:

C64 Yourself Warblade
Warblade - C64 style!
Alien Breed 3D C64 style!
Alien Breed 3D - C64 style!
Amiga C64 style
My Amiga 1200 - C64 style!

I think the pictures turned out great. I will definitely try the application out more in the days to come. It’s great fun! What do you guys think?

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