New Floppy Disk Drive and PC Emulator

My Amiga 500 project is coming along nicely. A few days ago I received the KCS Power PC Board 500. A big thank you must fly out to Flip at AmiBay for a fair deal. πŸ™‚ It looks great and I can’t wait to install it in my Amiga 500. Here’s a couple of pictures of the beauty:

KCS Power PC Board 500, photo by Old-school Game Blog
KCS Power PC Board 500 with manual and floppy (photo by Old-school Game Blog)
The KCS Power PC Board close-up (photo by Old-school Game Blog)
A close-up of the board! (photo by Old-school Game Blog)

This is certainly an interesting piece of hardware. It will be exciting to see it in action!

You might also remember that I’ve had some problems with the internal floppy disk drive in my Amiga 500. Not anymore! Thanks to Vesalia (great Online shop that sells all kinds of Amiga and C64 stuff), I’ve got a brand new drive waiting to replace the old one. I’ve included a picture of it below:

My new floppy disk drive for the Amiga 500
Here's the floppy disk drive in all its glory (photo by Old-school Game Blog)

Sadly I haven’t had any luck obtaining a decent monitor for my setup, but I’m still looking. If it takes too long to find, I’m considering getting an old-school TV as a temporary solution. When I got my first Amiga I didn’t have a monitor anyway, so it will be just like old times. πŸ˜‰

Before I stop writing, I just have to mention that I’ve installed a classic adventure game called The Flight of the Amazon Queen through ScummVM. Used to play this game on my Amiga 1200, but now I’m running it on the PC with speech. The humour in this game is simply awesome. πŸ™‚


    • Hi Jeano!

      I have not gotten hold of a CRT monitor yet, but I’ve managed to obtain an old-school TV instead. πŸ™‚

      That auction on QXL was pick-up only unfortunately. 😦 I can understand the seller though, due to the work that it takes to pack and send away such a big item.


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