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A-EON Technology is making progress on the development of the AmigaOne X1000 computer. I wrote a post about the newly released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 about a week ago. In a recent press release, A-EON Technology now confirms that the beta testers have been supplied with this version of the OS, along with their Nemo 2.1 motherboards.

AmigaOS for AmigaOne X1000 (http://a-eon.com/)
AmigaOS for AmigaOne X1000 (http://a-eon.com/)

Please read on for the full press release.

Enjoy! 🙂

Wellington, 4th September 2011

AmigaOS4.1 Update 3

A-EON Technology is pleased to confirm that AmigaOne X1000 betatesters have been supplied with the latest version of AmigaOS4.1 with their Nemo 2.1 motherboards. Update 3 is the foundation OS for the AmigaOne X1000 and betatesters will assist Hyperion Entertainment as they work towards the release of AmigaOS4.2.

Meanwhile here are some initial impressions from a few A1-X1000 betatesters:-

“Timberwolf Alpha (is) very responsive and Turboprint and LPR.device work great.”

“I have copied my stuff across from my A1(XE), most things work. Quake II and UAE work well, as does OWB 3.31”

“UAE is a pleasure to use for a bit of retro gaming, it possible to emulate an A1200/CD32 with AGA chipset at full speed on a 640×480 screen.”

Please check the images below and the Media Gallery for a selection of AmigaOS4.1 screen grabs supplied by A1-X1000 betatesters.


New Multiboot Firmware

We are also pleased to report that we commissioned new Multiboot Firmware for the AmigaOne X1000. This new firmware includes a user configurable boot menu that can be used to boot multiple operating systems directly from the firmware without the need for additional program like yaboot.

A-EON Technology CVBA

Lot’s of positive stuff here. Especially enjoyed reading that UAE runs at full speed in 640×480 while emulating an AGA machine. Also top-notch with the multi-boot firmware.

Here’s a picture of the machine running DosBox in a window in Workbench.

AmigaOne X1000 running DosBox (http://a-eon.com/)
AmigaOne X1000 running DosBox (http://a-eon.com/)

Anyone out there considering purchasing the AmigaOne X1000 when it is released? What do you think about the project and whether it will be successful or not? Thanks in advance for your opinion. 🙂


  1. LOL! I still love the fact that running UAE in 640×480 at full speed is being touted so much. I thought about getting into the X1000 project but it really is too rich for me. It would be neat kit at a much lower price.

    Thanks for sharing the information though!


  2. Thanks for the comments Heather and Coder! 🙂

    I think many highlights the part about emulation since emulating AGA on a SAM440EP, for example, was a tad slow. As far as I know there’s no JIT for E-UAE and this makes the emulator slower than it should be on the SAM machines. It’s good news that the X1000 is running the emulator so well without JIT. 🙂

    Seems like many are concerned about the pricing. I remember something about “north of £1500”, is that correct? It is not cheap, that is for sure.


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