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Today I’m going to introduce you to, a website that features information on games and demos for the Amiga computer platform.

The site was first launched back in the year of 2001 by a guy called Harrison. He is still the owner and administrator of the website, but does also work on other projects like AmiBay for example.

Harrison tells us that it all started in the late 1990’s when he got into retro emulation. At the time he was helping people on various discussion forums with Amiga related questions (emulation ones in particular). After a while he got so many questions, that he decided to start his own Amiga fan site instead. At that moment, was born.

Since then, has grown to become a massive source of information on Amiga software. There are currently 3658 games and 1085 demos in the database, which are impressive numbers. Many of the entries contains in-game screenshots, videos, scans, reviews and cheats. More stuff will probably be added in the future. As a bonus, you can also find a section for applications and utilities, but it has only 245 entries at the present moment. is all about the community and much of the content of the website has been added by volunteers and supporters.

Screenshot of (taken by Old School Game Blog)
Screenshot of (taken by Old School Game Blog)

Incorporated into the website is the forum. It has nearly one thousand members and the amount of posts is currently over 46,000. If you’ve got questions concerning the Amiga, this is certainly a good place to ask. 🙂 I’m a member of the forum myself and I can guarantee you that the atmosphere is friendly and helpful. There’s an arcade in the forum if you like to compete with other people on reaching the highest score in games like Snake, Bejeweled and Arkanoid Flash.

There are plenty of websites about the Amiga out there, but is one of my favourites. It contains all kinds of information concerning Amiga games and has a forum with friendly atmosphere.

Hope you’ll pop in to have a look. 🙂


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