AmiWest 2011: Videos and Pictures

Hi folks,

AmiWest is now over and the Amiga community is happy about the splendid news arriving from this event, like the announcement of the AmigaOS 4 netbook and the coming of the AmigaOne X1000.

In this respect, I’d like to share some videos I’ve found from AmiWest with you.

The first video shows an excellent speech by the father of the AmigaOne X1000, Mr. Trevor Dickinson. It’s long, but well worth seeing. 🙂 I really enjoyed it! “My name is Trevor. I’m an Amigaholic.” 😀

The second video is the announcement of the AmigaOS 4 netbook at AmiWest.. Great stuff! A must see!

Here’s Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers, the maker of the Indivision boards and several awesome turbo-cards, demonstrating the Indivision Mark II.

I also found a picture gallery from Cloanto. You can access it by clicking here. Lot’s of photos to look at.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. I sure did. 🙂 Have a good one!


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