Amiga - The Survivor (made by Eric W. Schwartz)
Amiga - The Survivor (made by Eric W. Schwartz). An old, but excellent drawing by the legend Eric W. Schwartz. Who would have thought back in 1996 that we were counting Amiga's in 2011? πŸ™‚

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to tell you that a website called has been launched in an attempt to count all Amiga computers worldwide. The guy behind the project is the Canadian Amiga user Maw2k from AmiBay and he says the following about why he decided to make the website:

“Out of a discussion on came the idea that it would be helpful to know, how many Amiga computer are still active world wide. The result is now

The page is on an early development state, so you see right now not really a map πŸ™‚ …but it will come. Step-by-step.”

I’ve already added my Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 to the list. Maybe you’d like to do the same? If yes, please head on over to and register now.

The top three countries on the list are currently (as of the 5th of November 2011) :

  1. Germany (42)
  2. Australia (20)
  3. Switzerland (12)

I’m sure this will change after a while when people from the UK starts adding their computers. πŸ˜‰ By the way.. f you want to check out the German Amiga’s for example, you can click on that country and you’ll get a list of the different computers there. At the moment this country sports eight Amiga 2000 machines!

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy and that you’ll add your machines. πŸ™‚


    • That’s great, Coder! I now see that Holland currently has 11 Amiga’s. This number will probably increase quite rapidly the coming weeks when more people gets to hear about the site. Three AmigaOne’s up till now.. two A1 Micro’s as well. πŸ™‚ I’m curious about the number of SAM’s.


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