and A-EON Technology Hacked!

Trevor Dickinson, head of A-EON Technology (photo taken from
Trevor Dickinson, head of A-EON Technology became a victim of tasteless hacking. The situation is fortunately back to normal again. (photo taken from

Hi everyone,

I’m in shock!

This morning I read some sad news concerning A-EON Technology. Apparently someone hacked their account at several Amiga forums, including,, and EAB (English Amiga Board). The hacker then posted news about the company closing shop, which is not true at all. This did of course create a lot of commotion and anxiety among members of the Amiga community, myself included.

Fortunately Trevor Dickinson, the head of A-EON Technology, discovered what had happened and could confirm that the company is still going strong. AmigaKit, the lead distributor of the AmigaOne X1000, did the same. The thread with the fake news can be read at EAB.

Here’s the message from about their forum being hacked:

Dear users,

We are sorry to admit it but it seems AmigaWorld.Net was hacked today. Most likely it wasn’t our server the hacker got the passwords from, but we have no idea of knowing so far. We suggest everyone changes their password as quickly as possible.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

AmigaWorld.Net staff

Here’s the message from about the same topic:

Note to all members: Robert Trevor Dickinson’s password was hacked somewhere, the user used it to post as him on Amigaworld, and Until we can establish where the security breach was, I would ask all our members to change their password on and anywhere else that the same password is used.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Mikey C

I feel sorry for Trevor and I wish him the best of luck with this horrible situation. I’d like to state clearly that A-EON Technology is still up and running – the news about folding was a direct result of tasteless hacking. I’ve included a message Trevor posted on that confirms this:

Quick note to all Amigans. It seems my accounts on Amigans (and and were hacked by person or persons unknown.

Anyway, thanks to the speedy administrators I an now back in control of my Amigans.

Happy New Year


Now for the question: Who is this hacker?

I fear it is someone in the Amiga community, as he or she must possess a lot of knowledge about the current state of the Amiga to come up with a post like that. Such a news-hoax can ruin a business, so it is very serious stuff. 😦 It sickens me that people do things like this. 😦

Let’s be happy that the situation is returning to normal again – please remember to change your passwords though.. I’m going to do that right now. Better safe than sorry!


  1. That sucks that someone had to be a dick. At least the company managed to figure out that someone was trying to sabotage them, and fix it.


  2. This whole hacking phenomenon is just getting old. People really need to get a life if they get their kicks from trying to destroy business’s.


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