Amiga 1200: Microbotics 1230 XA Accelerator

Hi guys,

Today I picked up my new Amiga 1200 accelerator card at the post office. I bought it a couple of weeks ago from an Amiga user at AmiBay. The card turned out to be in outstanding shape and I must say that the seller packaged the item perfectly. Thanks for that.

I’ve already installed the board and tried a few programs with it. The first thing I noticed was the immense improvement it gave in Workbench. The OS loaded much quicker and I didn’t have to wait long for icons to pop up on the screen either.Β  There was also a massive difference when it came to unpacking ZIP, LHA and LZX archives. Since the card came with 16MB RAM, I could finally unpack software directly to the RAM disk and test it out there before I decided to store it on the HD or not. This possibility is something I really like about the Amiga.

Due to the excitement, I’ve completely forgot to tell you what kind of turbo-card I’ve bought. πŸ˜‰

For a quick and dirty run-down of the specs, please have a look at the picture I’ve created below. For more detailed information, please head on over to the Amiga Hardware Database.

Microbotics 1230 XA (photo by Old School Game Blog)
Microbotics 1230 XA (photo by Old School Game Blog)

It’s incredible that the card accepts 72-pin SIMM’s with a whopping 128MB capacity! Imagine how much that was back in the middle of the 1990’s. I’m tempted to max it out, but I think the largest one I’ve got (which is somewhere around here..) is 32MB, but that is of course more than enough for my use. Having 128MB would just be fun, not very necessary. πŸ˜‰

Now I’m looking forward to take the board through some tests. Got a lot of demos to try, along with Internet applications and stuff like that. πŸ˜‰



  1. Nice one, bet you can’t wait to take it for a test run! I’ve always wanted to see things like Gloom and 3d Alien Breed running on an accelerated Amiga.

    Have fun!


  2. Amiga Cammy has shared an example of Doom on a similar spec’d Amiga with the exception of an Indivision AGA.

    That accelerator should kick start you into the Internet realm quite nicely. Think of all those adfs (Homer Simpson drool).

    As this card is a worthy investment it might be an idea to also invest it a electrolytic
    capacitor/multimeter meter(s) or source someone local who can test those 1993 components
    for signs of deterioration.

    Actually, send it to Cosmos – he’ll convert it into a customised 68060 running @ 900mhz with 1GB DDR3 ram. XD


  3. Takes me back to when I got excited over my 68030 phase5 accelerator. And I think mine was initally only 4 MB RAM. Hope you enjoy your new toy as much as I enjoyed mine.


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