Viva Amiga: Latest Update

Zach Weddington with Jeff Porter (Commodore Engineer, Amiga 500) on the set (photo taken from
Zach Weddington with Jeff Porter (Commodore Engineer, Amiga 500) on the set (photo taken from

Hi guys,

Today I received an e-mail from Kickstarter and Zach Weddington concerning the upcoming Viva Amiga documentary film. Thought you might be interested in reading it, as it contains information about the current status of the project. It’s good to see that Mr. Weddington is on schedule. πŸ™‚

The Viva Amiga script (photo taken from
The Viva Amiga script (photo taken from

Anyway, here’s the update:

Project Update #18: Viva Amiga Update

Folks, the film is happening. Just wanted to let everyone know what’s up. I’ve been quiet, but that’s because I’ve been in the lab and making it all make sense. I will get back to all of you, I promise. And man, we have incredible footage and interviews.

Here’s some insight into how a project like this is managed:

We are in the editing phase, and its flowing right along. I developed a strategy before shooting that is working quite well. I outlined the story before I began shooting with a fantastic app called Scrivener. We shot, and now I am breaking the footage down and sorting all of it into various topics and story points. I am sorting the clips according to the “skeleton” I made and making it flow according to the story arc.Β 

By the end of the fall, we will have a “content cut”…that is the interviews and any narration that composes a framework of the film. After that comes “B-roll”, camera captured imagery and archival footage, to illustrate the various topics, and then a layer of animation to supplement. After that, of course is the soundtrack. Finally, we have a color corrector on board with the film now, who will give the movie a distinct color palette and rich shading. He works for the NFL doing high-end commercial work. Yep. This is the real deal, guys.

So bear with me as we move through this process. It’s a long one, but I will have you a finished film next year. We are on schedule.

Viva Amiga, my friends. Yeah.


It’s great to see that progress is being made. Really looking forward to get the film when its finished. πŸ™‚


  1. “Item Under Review
    This title is currently unavailable because customers have told us that there may be something wrong with the description, the content, or the way that the content is displayed.
    We’re working with the publisher to fix the problem as quickly as possible. As always, we value customer feedback.”

    I’m curious what the “customers” have found there. Maybe the ebook formatting is crappy. Unfortunately this is a common disease.


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