Blow the Cartridge: New Street Fighter 2 – The World Warrior Comic Strip

A screenshot of the website called Blow the Cartridge (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)
A screenshot of the website called Blow the Cartridge (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hi everyone,

Just read a short comic strip about Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior at the website of Blow the Cartridge. The story was kind of sad, as I felt sorry for the main character, but also uplifting at the end. Will not reveal any details here, but you should really check it out if you remember good, old Street Fighter 2. 😉

If you haven’t checked out the website of Blow the Cartridge yet, then you should if you love video games. There are a ton of cool comic strips there about all kinds of retro games. I have written a short piece about the site earlier. Check it out here.

Hope you liked the comic, I sure did. 😀


      • Before you read, you might want to make sure you have some tissue at hand. Fortunately, this won’t be too long.

        Years ago I had a put a guitar on layaway, it was a blue Ibanez RG. I really wanted this guitar, because it was a really cool dark shade of blue, almost metallic looking. I tried it out in the store; it played nicely and I loved the sound. Unfortunately, before I could finish paying it off I lost my job and my final check had to cover my bills before I could finish paying off the guitar.

        One thing about me is; I refuse to borrow money from anyone (friends or family). I couldn’t get my money back because the place I was buying it from had a police where they took a certain percentage (because it was a pawn shop, and pawn shops are shitty places to do any type of layaway) to “restock”. So if I went this route not only would I lose the guitar I would lose a large amount of money I had put it. I decided I had to do something drastic.

        Ummm….right about here is where you might want to keep them tissues handy.

        I had a two boxes that I kept my comic collection in. One box had my Marvel titles, the other had my DC and miscellaneous. The box with the Marvel titles had a few silver age comics, and one or two golden age, as well as a few other rarities. Needless to say, I sold the Marvel box to one of my sister’s douchebag friends, who gave me far less than what the contents of the box was worth, but it covered the final payment for my guitar. I was slightly bummed, but was happy that I was getting my guitar.

        Ironically I sold the blue Ibanez RG to make some extra money when it came time to move to where I live now.

        Side note:

        I still have my DC and misc. box (It still has my original Judge Dredd issues, all four or five, cannot remember off of the top of my head. Of fuck yeah! Those I refuse to give or sell to anyone.), but I had purged it of anything Kiss related years ago, because fuck Gene Simmons, seriously. Nowadays I prefer buying those large volume back issue books of entire comics (I REALLY want the Akira ones), because I am one of those who ended up becoming burned out by the whole nineties collectible over saturation (the different covers, Death of Superman, etc.). Plus I am really digging the graphic novels moreso than the standard comic (which I would have to explain somewhere that it won’t take up a novel’s worth of your comments section).


        • Hi mate,

          Many thanks for sharing that story. Tough story. Sorry to hear you lost your job back then and that you landed in economic trouble. Sad that you had to sell the box of Marvel comics. 😦 good to hear that you’ve still got the DC ones though. 🙂


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