The Legend Returns: New AmiKit 8 with MUI 4 Released!

AmiKit with MUI 4 (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)
AmiKit with MUI 4 (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)

Hello everyone,

Tonight I’ve got some great news from the team behind AmiKit (a setup that transforms your PC, MAC or Linux box into a fully-fledged Amiga with an OS on steroids…). Please read on for more information:

The Classic Amiga community has a lot to celebrate today. Magic User Interface (MUI) has been brought back to life. This upgrade, exclusively released for AmiKit, is a milestone for classic AmigaOS3 users!

After more than 17 years since MUI 3.8 was released the new upgrade brings the same experience as AmigaOS4 users have been enjoying for some time. Actually, MUI 4 for AmigaOS4 and MUI 4 for AmigaOS3 are built from the same source code, so any similarities between the two builds are 100% intended! Thanks to Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people using AmiKit. You, yes you, are the key to our motivation. Your interest and feedback mean the world to us. Come participate in our Forums or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing from you!

AmiKit is a free project, powered by enthusiasm, that turns your computer, tablet or phone into legendary Amiga computer. This emulated software package includes more than 350 of the finest Amiga programs. Everything is polished and pre-configured at your service.

AmiKit is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and as a LIVE BOOT distribution called AmiPUP. Version for real Amiga will follow. For AmiKit to work you do need AmigaOS and ROM file (included with Amiga Forever, for instance).

The 8th major update of AmiKit exclusively integrates Magic User Interface 4 and new NetSurf web browser. AmiKit 8 delivers new software, updates, graphics, improvements & fixes. Also MorpheuZ got new powers. Now you can control even more AmiKit features with this magic daemon. Check it out for yourself! Tons of other software has been updated in this release too including system optimizations. Icons now load faster, alpha channel transparency is supported, windows performs more effectively, memory fragmentation has been decreased, etc.

New AmiKit is exclusively available on a bootable solid metal design flash disk. You’ll get download links after purchase. (Did you buy previous AmiKit 7 Flash Disk? Use your original link and password to download new AmiKit 8!)

Ken Lester, Toni Wilen, Thore Böckelmann, Jens Maus, Peter Keunecke, Artur Jarosik, Daniel Westerberg, Retrofan, Thomas Richter, Bernd Roesch, Paolo Besser and all the others who helped and/or supported AmiKit.

(please note that modern HTML5 browser is required to view our website)

Free public download of AmiKit 8 will follow soon, as always.

AmiKit with MUI 4 (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)
AmiKit with MUI 4 (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)

This is all great news and I was personally very surprised to see how far the AmiKit project has come. Instantly I thought to myself.. why do I even fiddle around with all kinds of Amiga related computers when I can just run AmiKit on a PC without even installing it to a HD? 🙂 AmiKit is probably 90% cooler and better than my current Workbench 3.5 setup, but.. it is something special with the real thing after all. 😉 Still, I’m definitely going to try AmiKit now – it will breathe new life into one of my older PC’s, that’s for sure. I like the fact that you can buy an USB-stick with AmiKit installed and just plug it into the computer you want and then you are ready to go. VERY easy for beginners, but also for more advanced users.

Plug it in! (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)
Plug it in! (screenshot taken from AmiKit homepage)

Anyone else interested in trying out AmiKit, or perhaps you are a current user?

Thanks for reading and have a good night! 🙂

PS: If you are interested in downloading the package, please click on the link below:!store/cofz


  1. You know, the more I see the Linux distros and the Amiga stuff you post it all makes me wish I had a bunch of machines to try them all out on.

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