Amiga 1200 for Gaming

Hi guys,

Recently we moved house, so we’ve got more space now. I’ve therefore started setting up a computer/games-room for the family to use. My old Amiga 1200 will now be primarily used as a games machine (also for viewing old-school demos) since I tend to use MorphOS for other stuff these days. Here is a picture of my Amiga 1200 getting used to its new role:

Amiga 1200 as a games machine (photo by Old School Game Blog)
Amiga 1200 as a games machine (photo by Old School Game Blog)

This is, as you can see, work in progress. Will put two additional disk boxes at the bottom of the unit, as well as some other stuff. Looking forward to play Deluxe Galaga in co-op mode, as well as Parasol Stars.

Some games from my collection (photo by Old School Game Blog)
Some games from my collection – Need to get this stuff in proper order! (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Thanks for reading and please comment below if you have some suggestions for Amiga games (except Noddy’s Playtime since I got that one already) suitable for 4 and 5 year olds. πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  1. Hm, I remember a game called “Ports of Call”. Maybe you’ve heard of it.
    Definitely one game you should add to your collection. Not sure though, if it will run on an Amiga 1200.

  2. Cool. Loved the A1200 and I was always obsessed with getting the AGA versions of games. Nice to see Frontier in your collection. Do you have UFO/XCOM? If you don’t already, that is a must.

    • HI Steviegill! Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚ Sadly I don’t have UFO in my collection, but as you say, it is a must to own. Such a great game! I’ve got XCOM Interceptor for the PC though, big box version. Also a good one.

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