Revision 2015: Amiga Productions Released

ChipChop 16 by Desire (Amiga) (picture from
ChipChop 16 by Desire (Amiga) (picture from

Hi there,

Hope you all are having a nice Easter and that you’ve been enjoying your delicious Easter chocolate. 🙂

As has been the custom for a couple of decades now, Easter is the time for demo parties. This year is no exception. Some Amiga stuff has already been released at the Revision 2015 demo party in Saarbrücken, Germany. The party is still on and you can follow it through live streams here The most important (in my opinion.. hehe..) competition, Amiga demo, will take place tonight at 22:00. If I’m not mistaken you can watch this compo live from home, so be sure to check out the Revision homepage if interested. The timetable is here:

Without further ado, here are some of the productions that has been released so far:

64KB – Tulou – Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – Link
64KB – Nah-Kolor – Devolution – Link
64KB – Nah-Kolor – Evolution – Link
64KB – Y-Crew – Mole – Link
Intro – ABC – Today – Link
Music-disk – Desire – ChipChop 16 – Link
Slideshow – Ghostown – The Lost Pixellers 2 – Link
Demo – Oxyron – Planet Rocklobster – Link

Demo – Unique – Interparallactic – Link

No videos up yet, but will post some of them once they are available. 🙂 To watch these demos you must run them on a real Amiga or through an emulator. If you follow the links from here you’ll get to a page where a download is available.

With almost a thousand visitors from countless groups, I’m sure we’ll see quite a few Amiga demos released tonight. 🙂

Updated: 5th of April 2015 on 20:28 – Added more releases

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