Event: Amiga 30th Anniversary: VIP Charity Dinner (UK)

Amiga Charity Event (picture taken from Amigans.net)
Amiga 30th Anniversary – Charity V.I.P. Dinner Event!

30 years ago, at the Lincoln Centre in New York, an incredible new computer system burst onto the world stage. Sporting incredible audio and graphical prowess, it put the rest of the computing world to shame. It would later become rightfully recognised as the world’s first multimedia computer system.

People would go on to create amazing technological masterpieces with the Amiga. It would help power the NASA space program, and produce dazzling CGI for a number of successful television shows. An entire community, with it’s own unique subculture and history, grew up around the Amiga platform; a community whose intense loyalty would be enough to make any industry executive blush.

30 years on, it’s time for us all to come together… to remember and to celebrate all that we have achieved together as a community.

Come join us 2nd August 2015, at the Peterborough Marriott Hotel, for a very special celebration of all things Amiga, alongside many of the key figures who made it all possible – including:

RJ Mical of Amiga Corporation (1984)
David Pleasance of Commodore UK
Kelly & Kieron Sumner of Commodore UK
Martyn Brown & Allister Brimble of Team 17
Jon Hare of Sensible Software

… and many, many more!

WEB: http://blog.amiga30.co.uk

EMAIL: event@amiga30.co.uk

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/889283397798677/

Source: Amigans.net

Comment: There will be several events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Amiga. Please see this post concerning an event in Amsterdam, Holland.


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