Amiga 30 Years Event: Upcoming Hardware from Jens Schönfeld

Hi guys,

Just a quick one from the Amiga 30 Years event in Amsterdam. Radzik of AMIcast has provided streams from the event through the Periscope function on Twitter. Check it here. The official stream failed several times and many couldn’t get it to work at all. Radzik saved the day for many Amiga enthusiasts, so big thanks must go out to him. 🙂

(from Radzik's stream)
Jens Schönfeld on stage (from Radzik’s stream)

Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers announced a new memory/accelerator card for the Amiga 500 that will cost about 130 EUR. He also mentioned two new cards for the Amiga 1200. One based on a 68020EC clocked at 28 MHz and the other a normal 68020 clocked at 16 MHz. One, or both, will contain a port/connection for an USB-adapter.

Most importantly, in my opinion, is that he said: “I will make Amiga Reloaded.” Apparently he has a huge stock of AGA-chips and can therefore make new Amiga 1200 motherboards. Woohoo! 🙂 This was great news to me and I will definitely buy one.

Check the stream here, Jens is the last one to speak:


  1. Very cool! I am surprised there isn’t anything (at least that I have heard of) here in the States like this for Commodore/Amiga. Then again, I am a bit out of the loop on this type of stuff and your blog is pretty much my gateway.

    Have a good one!


      • It is only hot during the summer months. Usually around fall and winter things cool down. Summer is ok, but I do prefer the cooler months because at least by then you can get out of the house.


  2. New Amiga 1200 motherboards. Wowza, if he adds USB, a modern video output, CPU expansion, modern SATA bus this would be amazing. All of that expansion we normally have to add to an old A1200 to modernize it all on the motherboard. If anyone can do it, it would be Jens. I’ll be watching for more news and be sure to order one when they ship before they are gone.

    I wonder if he’ll then offer a service to move the old AGA custom chips from an existing dead Amiga over to his new Amiga 1200 board. This is really exciting new for the retro hardware community.


    • Hi there and many thanks for commenting! Yes, it sounds like a great project and I’m looking forward to it. Our hardware is ageing day by day, some 1200s are over 20 years old now! Getting a brand new motherboard with extra capabilities will be excellent. 🙂


  3. I wonder if he could make a motherboard with the AGA chips and only put a 68060 on there??? FIRST ONE EVER!!!


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