Amiga 600 with Vampire II runs Wolfenstein 3D!

Hello all,

Just saw this video of an Amiga 600 running Wolfenstein 3D.. nice! The A600 has the upcoming Vampire II card.



    • Hi there! Wolfenstein 3D does not run on a stock Amiga 500. It does not have the horsepower to do a proper chunky-to-planar conversion as you play. I know there is a faster port on Atari, but it is more difficult to get these titles going on the Amiga.

  1. I have been playing Wolfenstein 3D on my 360 when I need a fix. Great game no matter what you play it on. I still want to try the new Wolfenstein games but not sure if they are worth playing.

  2. The original game is definitely worth playing. Although if you are used to current FPS games it might seem weird that you cannot jump. As for the new Wolfenstein games I haven’t tried any of them yet.

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