Amiga 600 with Vampire II runs Warcraft and Duke Nuke’Em!

Hi guys,

Couldn’t resist sharing this one.. It is a video of an Amiga 600 with the upcoming Vampire II turbo-card running Warcraft through a MAC emulator! Wow!

And here is Duke running, unbelievable!

The Vampire II is just great and I can’t wait until its released. πŸ™‚


      • I am not really into hardware. This is actually software (even the pieces cast into the hw) what counts πŸ˜‰ A600 would be too much for me. I have a rusty A1200 that needs lot of work, and a plan to get A500 with Gotek. Aside from two other Atari machines, and maybe an Amstrad/Schneider CPC, that is really everything I plan to have πŸ˜‰
        What about you? Any plans to have a Vampire in your collection?

        • I’m very tempted, but they have said they are going to do an Amiga 1200 version in the future. Since I have an A1200, I might wait for it. Sadly this machine is not in very good shape at the moment. It hangs when I access early boot-screen to do changes and then tries to boot. πŸ™

  1. This is fancy stuff, but I don’t wanna buy this just to play around with a MAC emulator. I want the old Amiga games to excel.

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