Video: Amiga 1200 being manufactured in France (Escom)

Hello everyone,

Here’s a video I stumbled upon on YouTube. It shows the factory where they made A1200’s back when Escom had taken over the Amiga. 🙂 The factory was located near Bordeaux in France. Interesting to see so many years after! Have a good weekend and hope you’ll enjoy the video.


      • Yeah, I remember that heart-breaking period during the mid-90s when the Amiga was getting passed around by different companies following the demise of Commodore. Each time I hoped the new proprietor would be the Amiga’s saviour, but it seemed that no one who acquired the IP really knew what to do with it. I guess by that point the PC had become too dominant and far more affordable, while the Japanese consoles were starting to take control over the gaming market.


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