Nintendo NES Classic Edition: It’s here!


Hello guys,

Seems like many sites are reporting that the new Nintendo Classic Mini NES is out, so I guess it’s finally here. It has arrived in time for Christmas and I’m sure many grown-ups will find one under their Christmas tree. 😉

This new NES is a mini version of the old classic that came out in 1985. It comes with 1 control and 30 integrated games (Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Double Dragon and so on). You can use the control on the Wii and the Wii U.

The system does not have a cartridge port, so you’re old carts won’t work. You can not add any games to it either, which means you can only play the 30 integrated ones. I’m also curious how the games will look on a large LCD/flat screen TV. I prefer CRT for the old classics. 😉

The NES should set you back apx. $60.

Please visit the official website to find out more. Link below:

I’m not very interested in this unit myself, but if Nintendo decide to make a SNES mini, I might be. 🙂 Loved Donkey Kong Country!

Have a good weekend all and thanks for reading.


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