Armiga Review: Amiga 500 Hardware Emulation Console

The Armiga Prototype
The Armiga Prototype

Hi everyone,

Just read a forum post on where the user Amigang links to a review of the Armiga system.

There has not been much talk about this machine and it is a bit surprising. I had forgotten about it myself, even if I supported it on IndieGoGo back in 2014. I don’t know why, but it just fell out of the radar for me personally. I now have a MIST FPGA, but the Armiga would also be interesting, since it can sport a 3.5 floppy drive. Anyway, here’s the review by The Game Show:

To find out more about the Armiga, please follow the link below:

Thanks for visting my blog and have a nice Sunday. 🙂


    • Hi and thanks for commenting. 🙂 The AGA support will really help I think. The cool thing about this project is that they have a real floppy drive. I’d love to have that on my MIST, so I could copy in stuff from my old collection of PD stuff etc.

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      • Must admit I am tempted by either this or the MIST, not that I have any money at the moment! The floppy drive is a nice feature, but regrettably I gave away all my disks years ago.

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