Gateway 2000 Amiga Press Conference at World of Amiga ’97


Hello guys,

While browsing the excellent Norwegian gaming website, I came across something from the World of Amiga 1997. It is a press conference from Gateway 2000! The author of Spillhistorie has uploaded it to YouTube, so that everyone can have a listen. I have embedded it below.

Here’s what Spillhistorie wrote about it:

This is an audio recording from the press conference at World of Amiga, just after the announcement was made that Gateway 2000 had purchased the Amiga. Jim Taylor from Gateway 2000 introduces the company to the Amiga-scene, while Petro Tyschtschenko from Amiga International talks a bit about the general situation and why he believes Gateway 2000’s purchase of the Amiga was a good thing (in the end, it wasn’t).

Contents: Start – 13:25 – Jim Taylor 13:2523:10 – Petro Tyschtschenko 23:10 – End – Q & A-session with them both

Note that there is a short gap in the recording of the Q & A-session.

I found the recording on the cover CD from CU Amiga, July 1997. The pictures are from the CD and magazine. The audio quality is pretty poor (I have done some noise reduction, but otherwise haven’t enhanced it in any way).

Have a good weekend all! 🙂


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