Intro: Xmas Lights by Void (Amiga) (2016)



Hello guys,

My demo group, Void, released a small Christmas intro the other day. It’s called Xmas Lights and was coded by our Swedish programmer Angel. 🙂

You can download it below. It’s an .LHA archive. Just unpack it onto your HD and run the file. If you have one of the newer versions of WinUAE, you can use the A1200 config and put the .LHA file in the DF0: in the emulator. This actually works, which surprised me. 🙂

Xmas Lights by Void

Full credits:

Code – Angel
Add Code – Puni
Graphics – Angel, Puni
Music – Jeano

I’ll see if we can get a video up of it soon. Please look forward to more Amiga stuff from Void in the near future. 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a good evening!

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