Demo: e-Bun. ЭлектроБулка by Excess (BK-0010/11M) (2017)

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi guys,

Here’s a brand new BK-0010/11M demo released at the DiHalt Lite 2017 party! The event is a festival of computer art, which took place in January this year (6th to the 8th) in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. The demo was made for the Electronika BK, a Soviet home computer range. I watched it and I liked it – it has a good variety of effects, as well as cool music. I’ve embedded a video of it below, so that you can have a look:

You can also download the file directly from here if you want to run it:

Here it is on

There is a lot of activity on all kinds of old platforms these days. It’s great to see the passion still burning! 🙂

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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