Amiga Spotting: Amigos Amiga Podcast reveals an Amiga 600 in the Father Ted TV-show!

Screenshot of the Amigos Amiga Podcast website

Hello folks,

Some of you know that I’m always looking for Amiga’s in TV-series, films and other places. An Amiga computer can turn up everywhere, for example in the German detective series Derrick or in the British Frost.

Today I was delighted to read that Dreamkatcha, a member of the Amigos Amiga Podcast, had discovered an Amiga in the TV-show Father Ted! That is pretty cool and he has included several images in his article for all of us to see.

So, please head over to their website and check out the Amiga 600 in Father Ted. 🙂 Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog and hope you’ll come back soon. Cheers!


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