Amiga: CookieMonster 1.4.0 released for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS

CookieMonster is a cookie cleaner for Odyssey web browser (support for more
browsers to follow in future versions).


  • Scans Odyssey web browser cookies from any given path provided in settings.
  • Possible to mark cookies for Deletion, to be Ignored, or to be Always Ignore, in future scans before commiting to delete any of them.
  • Possible to add cookies to Ignore List to exclude them from deletion.
  • Provides a number of settings, which are stored in a file in ENVARC:
  • Executables for all three NG Amigas, including AOS4, MOS and AROS.
  • Written on an Amiga NG machine for Amigans and Amiga NG machines.


MUI4 and OpenUrl.library


  1. Scan for cookies with the button Scan Cookies.
  2. Select cookies in the Cookie page. (You can hold down the SHIFT key while
    clicking on a cookie to toggle its selection.)
  3. Use the pop-up menu (context-menu/right-click) on selected cookies to mark
    them for deletion or to be ignored. Choose “Ignore & Add to Ignore List” if
    you always wish to ignore the cookie(s) from detetion in the future. If you
    wish to view information for a cookie, choose “View Information” insted on
    an active entry (make it active first by clicking on the cookie).
  4. To delete them press the button Delete Cookies (only licensed version).


Version 1.4.0: (Feb 2017)
– Optimized scanning action/operation, roughly 10-20% faster now (on my system AOS4.1FEu1 on a Sam440ep-flex).
– Implemented so it’s possible to add “custom” items to Ignore List. Usually you want to ignore all from a certain domain, this is now archived by entering an * into Name, Path and Protocol fields so it matches all from this certain domain.
– Button images now linked with exe on AOS4, MOS and AROS.
– Fixed bug, program would fail if using “View Information” menu item on no cookies (empty list) or nothing selected.
– Fixed a few bugs related to Ignore List and its items.
– Moved Ignore List, it is now saved and loaded from ENVARC: .
– First-Time Ignore List is now also created when no such list exists yet.
– Added more buttons images to buttons in AOS4, including MOS and AROS.
– Added Scan and Delete Cookies to popup menu on Cookies page.
– Added icon (.info file) for the ReadMe file and snapshotted drawers.

Download AmigaOS 4
Download MorphOS
Download AROS


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