New Amiga game released in March 2017: Lumberjack Game

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi folks,

A new game for the Amiga was released on the 1st of March 2017. The name is Lumberjack Game and it was developed by Cobe and Lemming880.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

You can download it directly from Aminet here:

The file is an ADF, so you can either unpack it to a floppy or run it through Gotek or an emulator.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Ripp off your grey and boring suit and reveal the red flannel shirt you are hiding under you clothes. Let your beard grow and equip yourself with a big axe and enter the woods. Just admit it, You've always wanted to be a LUMBERJACK!

This is your chance to turn your dreams intro reality. Enter the forest and start chopping wood, but beware of the branches, if they hit you they will kill you!

This is fan made conversion of a fun little game released in 2016 for C64. I really liked it. It's really addictive. When you're trying to play it as fastest you can, you can literally feel adrenaline rush 🙂

Basically this is almost 1 on 1 conversion. Main difference is that now there's no speed limit. You can chop trees as fastest you can. This was limited on C64. And I didn't like how on C64 after 150 point time/energy starts to fade really fast so in this version energy is fading a little slower.

We have ideas for improvements. We'll implement them in near future. So stay tuned 😉

Code and music - Cobe
Gfx conversion - Lemming880

Tested on A500/1200

Big thanks to people who made original C64 gem:
Code.... Majikeyric of Megastyle, Protovision, Retrotech
Music.... Drumtex of Jolly Poppers, Megastyle
Graphics.... Rotteroy of Desire, Megastyle


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