Demo: LiquidMIG by AlienTech (Amiga) (2017)

Hi folks,

AlienTech recently released a small demo featuring a combination of a waterfall, soothing sound of water and a scroller at the bottom of the screen. The sound is very relaxing, and so is the waterfall. I gave it a go on the A1200 and had it running while I did some other stuff. As someone commented on, “The Amiga Zen attitude”. 🙂

If you want to try it, please download it via the link below:

A video of it is also available on YouTube:

I must say that the demo looks much, much nicer on an Amiga hooked up to a CRT screen. It does not look as pixelated as it does in the video. I have experienced that with many Amiga games and demos – they mostly look much better when running on CRT. 🙂 Can’t recommend it enough. Anyway, hope you will enjoy the demo. Greetings must go out to AlienTech, keep up the good work!

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