RetCon – The Retro Gaming Festival

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Today I read about an interesting festival about retro games that will be held in June this year in the UK. What caught my eye was that Trevor Dickinson of A-Eon Technology will be there to hold a presentation. 🙂

Please read on for more information:

RetoCon – The Retro Gaming Festival

Remember when games weren’t all the same? When the next big release was more about fun than photorealism? When games developers worked from their bedroom and anything could make it to the market? No? No, neither do we – it’s a long time ago after all! But on 16th June 2018 we will celebrate the days of chunky graphics, tricky puzzles and a variety of such digital fun.

Come and play Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Frogger on the Atari and bask in the screen glow of Mortal Kombat on SEGA’s Mega Drive. These and many more systems from Commodore, Sinclair and a host of golden era masters will be here at the RetCon Retro Gaming Festival. Drop in and jog your memory.

There will be around 20 wonderful vintage systems, all set up, switched on and ready to play the classics. Jump in, Tron style, only without being physically sucked into a computer. Probably.

For fans of the glory days, this highly exclusive event stars guest speaker, the managing director of Commodore UK himself, David Pleasance. Hear about the wild and heady days of 8- and 16-bit computing from the man who was at the forefront of the revolution.

We will also have Trevor Dickinson, co-founder of A-EON Technology, here to talk about his current project and perhaps, also about his huge personal collection of vintage computers and gaming memorabilia.




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