Commodore Plus/4: Pets Rescue – New game released!

Hi folks and thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog. 🙂

Today I’d like to write about a new game that has just been released! It is called Pets Rescue and was made for the Commodore Plus/4.

The game was released at the BCC Party in Germany this weekend on the 25th of February 2018.

Credits are as follows:

Code & Linking: Stefan Mader (Mad/BKN)
Game design & Level graphics: Róbert Kisnémeth (KiCHY/ASN)
Sprites & Additional music: Luca Carrafiello (Luca/FIRE)
Intro picture & Additional Graphics: Tomek Mielnik (Carrion)
Additional graphics: Rainer Mühr (Nero/BKN)
Musical score: Ronny Krueger (5tarbuck)
Music player & Additional music: Ingo Jache (Degauss/TEK)
Loader: Bitbreaker + BSZ/NST
Overscan graphics code: IstvanV
Additional ideas: Roland Kunze (RKsoft) 

As you can see from the screenshots, this is very impressive to be on the Commodore Plus/4. The game is similar to Giana Sisters and Mario, awesome! 🙂

Pets Rescue will be available commercially soon released by Psyktronik Software.

Here is a video of the gameplay:

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