Amiga: New articles on the Obligement website

Hi and thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog. 🙂 reports that the great Obligement website has been updated with lots of interesting content recently:

The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

– January/February 2018 news.
– News: Presentation of the Vampire project during Alchimie 12 show
– Old articles from Tilt 118 to 122 : News: Tilt do Tilt!, Interview: David Braben, Comparative: Flashback vs Chaos Engine, Comparative: Amiga 1200 vs Falcon 030, Review of Body Blows Galactic, Review of Cannon Fodder, Report: European Computer Trade Show September 1993, Interview with Pierre Gilhodes, Review of Micro Machines, Review of Space Hulk, etc.
– Interview with Edward Hepler (Commodore engineer)
– Interview with Renaud Schweingruber (Vampire beta-tester)
– DIY: Replacment of the HxC SD by a Gotek HxC on Amiga 600
– DIY: Tantalum capacitors on Amiga
– File: Developers’ Messages to crackers (update)
– File: Evaluation of the Amiga computer by the Quebec Ministry of Transport
– File: Classic Reflections – What happened to Mick Tinker / Index Information / Access Innovation?
– File: Amiga Game List (mise à jour)
– File: Another World, a cult game
– Special quizz about the year 2017.

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
All translations are welcome. Please contact David “Daff” Brunet for more info.

The website is in French, but it has a translation-function so that you can read it in English as well.


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  1. Its funny to see how the Mac people still deny the fact :p I worked professionally with Amiga until the bitter end and with huge remorse replaced my maxed out Amiga 3000 and 4000s with a SUN Sparcstation 20 that cost many times more than all my Amigas together, until I discovered that X86 Linux was the way to go years later. As someone whos been working in both software and hardware I can easily say that the Amiga had the best HW layout of any computer system to date with its co-processors. The Amiga 500 demo scene still manages to squeeze out more and more out of that 7-ish Mhz 68k processor and its buddies and what other computer from that time is still being used as actively today? None. The only one to even come close is the C64, by the same company 😉 It doesnt matter how you look at it, the Amiga was a beast and it could do things no other computer could. Not all of the tasks. This is why Amiga was used in TV/Film studios for so long because it gave so much more bang for the $ compared to SGI. The fastest Mac was an Amiga.


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