Amiga: Final version of Golden Wing released!

(Screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hi folks,

The final version of Golden Wing (winner of the game competition at Capacitor Party 2017) has now been released on Aminet. 🙂

(Screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

GOLDEN WING (CopperSky, 2018)

This is the Final version for Golden Wing,
winner of the Best Game Award at Capacitor Party 2017!

– Fully written in 68k assembler.
– 16 colour prerendered and hand drawn graphics + sprites.
– 3 different ingame tunes (3-channel + 1 echo channel Protracker mods).
– Several SFX including voices.
– 8 different types of enemies, including boss levels.
– 4 power-ups.

Minimum requirements
– Amiga 500 with 512 Kb chip + 512 Kb slow RAM.
– The game can be ran from HD or floppy.

– Code: Fernando Cabrera
– Graphics: Toni Galvez
– Music: DJ METUNE & Estrayk
– Testing: Victor Henares, Per-Ola Eriksson, Tony Aksnes, Carlos Blansa, Mtr81.
– Thanks to Frank Wille (phx) for the music/sfx replayer!

– Destroy all enemies to move to the next level.
– Controls:
– Joystick left or right to rotate the ship, up to accelerate and first button to fire gun.
– There are 4 types of power-ups:
– S: speed-up, increases your ship’s speed and removes inertia.
– SH: shield, makes your ship undestroyable for a few seconds.
– B: bomb, one hit for every enemy on the screeen.
– X: extra life.

Enjoy! Keep AMIGA alive!!

I’ve just tried running the game and it is fun! Very good music as well! 🙂

(Screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

You can download it here:

Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog!

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