Versus – The Amiga Demo Chart: Voting has opened!

Source: Old School Game Blog
Source: Old School Game Blog

Hi everyone,

In December 2016 we in Nukleus and Void released issue 7 of the Amiga demo-scene chart Versus. We received a lot of positive feedback on that one (thanks all!) and we are now ready to start collecting votes for issue 8.

To make the charts as representative as possible, we hope that people will vote for their favorite demos, games, intros, artists and more. You don’t need to fill out the entire votesheet, everything helps!

Please head on over to the official voting site and submit your vote. Let your voice be heard!

We are very grateful for every vote we receive and we really hope you’ll spend a few minutes filling out the votesheet as soon as possible. 🙂 If you know someone that might be interested in voting, please consider forwarding this info. 😉 Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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