Amiga Model X – An emulation based machine from Norway!

Hi guys,

Big news from Norway! Two guys, Thomas Mayer Foss and Hans Henry Jegtvolden, has initiated a brand new Amiga project called Amiga Model X.

Thomas Mayer Foss (left), Hans Henry Jegtvolden (right)

I caught this story while reading the website which covers all things retro computing and gaming.

The Amiga. Oh, how we love the Amiga. But what was it about it that made it so special. Was it the amazing things it could do for it’s time? Was it the all-in-one compact design? Was it the flexibility? The simplicity? The games? The graphics? The sound? Or was it really all about a touch of magic? Whatever it was, we want to recreate the fun of it with the Amiga X.

Today we can relieve the Amiga days through emulation or actually firing up the good old computer but for some of us, it’s all a little bit of a hassle that takes away from the fun. Some of us just want to play the games, without fiddling with emulators, settings and joystick configurations – or swapping memory cards, non working floppies or trying to get our good old Amiga working with our modern flatscreen. Therefore, we created the Amiga X – an all in one Amiga emulator machine that has all that you need in a modern compatible package, while capturing the magic of the original. This product is in no way endorsed by Cloanto or Amiga, Inc., the copyright holders of Amiga IPs. The name and logos are used to illustrate a potential fan based concept.

Read more on the official website:

There will be a Kickstarter, so looking forward to that. 🙂 This looks promising!


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