Mike Clarke interviewed by Scene World

The Amiga news site amiga-news.de reported that an interview of Mike Clarke by Scene World had been released.

Mike Clarke is a famous composer who former worked for Psygnosis. Among his most known works are the musics for Last Ninja 2 on the Amiga or e.g. Lemmings 2 on the SNES. He speaks about his experience of doing “a little bit of everything” as a composer, coder, manager, etc from the C64 throughout the Amiga, SNES, etc. How did it happen that Lemmings was the last “mainstream time” release for the C64? Did you know that WipeOut as even ported to obscure system without virtually any user base? ” Find out more in this interview! 🙂 Lot’s of cool stories to be heard!

Source: amiga-news.de

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