Compusphere 2018 – New Amiga releases!

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Hi everyone,

The Compusphere demo-party took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, last weekend. As we could expect, several new Amiga demos and intros were released. Even two music-packs (in the Chiperia series) participated in the Wild Demo competition!

For a full overview of all the releases, I recommend visiting Demozoo:

Here you’ll not only find executables, but also entries in the graphics and music competitions.

The winner of the Combined Demo competition was Five Finger Punch and Insane with Revolutionary Beehaviour:

My favorite of all the releases was ASCII Attack 2 by Latex. This is an Amiga intro where all graphical contents consists of ASCII-characters! Very nicely done and with super music to boot. 🙂

We in Void participated with a couple of entries as well, namely Green Heat in the Combined Demo competition and Hole in Space in the Combined Intro competition. Sadly there was problems showing Hole in Space on the big screen, so it had to be shown after the compos was over.

Here is Green Heat by Void:

And Hole in Space by Void:

Be sure to check out the other releases as well on Demozoo. 🙂 A lot of nice stuff to look at (and listen to as well).

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