Toshiba T1200 – 1980’s PC Laptop

Hi everyone,

Not long ago I was very lucky, since I was given this old, stylish laptop as a present. 🙂 Big thanks to Øystein who gave it to me!

It is a Toshiba T1200 from 1987 and it is definitely the oldest laptop I’ve ever put my hands on. I tried connecting an external PSU/charger and it booted to the “Insert system disk” screen right away.

My next task is therefore to get a working system disk to use the computer. I’ve already found one (old version of IBM DOS), but unfortunately my external USB floppy drive refuses to use DD-disks (720KB). This was news to me, since I was under the impression that these new drives would support this, but sadly not. I was, however, able to format a 720KB PC disk on my Amiga 1200, so will go that route instead, hehe.

Now, here’s a couple of pictures of the computer:

As soon as I get it running software, I’ll post a video of it running on YouTube. 🙂 Really like the design of this PC.

Anyone else tried one of these before and if yes, maybe you got a few tips on what I should try running on it?

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