Demo: Call of the Wild by Boozoholics (Amiga AGA) (Solskogen 2019)

Hi everyone,

The Solskogen demo party in Norway took place this weekend. One demo and one intro was released for the Amiga.

The demo, which ended up in 3rd place in the combined demo competition, is called Call of the Wild and was made by Boozoholics.

I must say that this is one of the strangest demos I’ve ever seen. It starts of with an animation of a moose doing dance moves combined with a the song-text (Norwegian) scrolling accross the screen. The Moose is called Odd and I wonder if it is the same elk Ephidrena used in a production in the 90’s? 🙂 Anyone knows?

Suddenly, after the intro, the demo picks up the pace and everything changes with a pumping soundtrack combined with new-school effects – a big contrast to the beginning!

It is difficult explaining all the effects in this part, so it is something that you best see for yourself. 🙂 Here is the demo as it was shown on the livestream from the party.

If you want to download the demo and run it on your Amiga, then you can use the link below:

The info-text says that Call of the Wild requires an AGA Amiga with a 68060 CPU.

Thanks for reading and see you in another blog-post! 🙂

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