The YouTube Channel of mAZE – A Norwegian Amiga Demoscene Musician

Hi everyone,

If you are familiar with the Amiga demoscene and you watch new releases (and old ones as well), you’ve probably seen a demo, intro, pack or some other kind of production with music by mAZE/Desire^Moods^Void in it. He’s been very active during the last years making many modules on his Amiga 1200 with Protracker.

Now, mAZE has his own YouTube-channel and there you can listen to his tunes if you don’t have an Amiga at hand. 😉

He’s helped me with music for several demo-related projects in the past, so big thanks to him for that. 🙂

Here’s his YouTube-channel:

Hope you’ll pop over and have a listen. 🙂

I’d also like to mention that he runs his own chip-pack, a compilation of chip-tunes with a cool menu and some scrolltext to read. You can download it from here:

PS: Here is a great one with nice Amiga chippy atmosphere:

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