From Vultures to Vampires – 25 years of Copyright Chaos and Technology Triumphs

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Hi everyone,

A new Kickstarter has been launched for a new book from David Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson.

Here is an excerpt from the Kickstarter-page describing what the book will be about:

Starting from the day when Escom were the highest bidder at Commodore’s  liquidator’s auction in New York (I was there), how their attempts to relaunch the Amiga spectacularly failed, then the troublesome years when our beloved computer bounced around from company to company, Viscorp, Quickpack, Gateway 2000, etc. and beyond.

This book leaves no stone unturned in revealing how the Commodore-Amiga assets became the target of a multiple of companies and individuals, some of whom were seemingly only interested in what they could gain out of it financially, and not even interested in supporting any of the many devotees who were trying to keep the dream alive.

In fact there was so much underhand and sometimes vicious activity with “Cease and Desist” orders and lawsuits aplenty (some still ongoing!) it was bringing a cloud over our erstwhile “happy go lucky” community.

However, all throughout this, what some people may call, “dark period” and almost in spite of it, there have been some genius individuals and legitimate companies who have produced and brought to market some of the most technologically advanced software and hardware ever seen.

This book exposes those companies and individuals who brought negativity and celebrates those who have against all odds prevailed and are now ensuring the Amiga not only “lives on”, but improves the potential to expand our community.

– David John Pleasance

After a short time, there are already 111 backers and 37 days to go of the campaign.

Please click here to get to the Kickstarter-page if you want to read more about it. 🙂

There is also a prize draw where you can win a Vampire V4 standalone from Apollo. Every backer has the opportunity to enter the competition.

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