MorphOS: Wayfarer 1.8 released!

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Hi everyone,

A new version of the Wayfarer web browser for MorphOS has been released! This time it is version 1.8. It can be downloaded from the official website here:

I have installed Wayfarer on my MorphOS setup (Mac Mini G4) and have enjoyed using it for a while. It is very compatible and allows me to do work related tasks, which is brilliant. 🙂 If you use MorphOS, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Here are the updates for the latest version of Wayfarer:

Wayfarer 1.8 is now out with jpeg2k support, latest OpenSSL and cURL, translation services support, network performance and many other improvements. This release also contains several important bug fixes that were impacting overall stability.

To download Wayfarer 1.8, either go to or select ‘Check for Updates’ in Wayfarer’s menu. To update, simply extract the lha archive and copy all files over your existing installation, replacing old files. Your settings will not be affected.

Full changelist:

  • Added jpeg2k support via OpenJPEG
  • Reports browser locale based on system locales
  • Added a Translation service support w/ settings
  • Added session quicksave hotkeys
  • Improved wheel scrolling and mouse cursor code
  • Adjusted page/wheel scrolling deltas to be in-line with WebCore’s suggested values
  • Scrolling page content is now possible with mmb pressed
  • Esc key deactivates the WebKit container, instead of being swallowed
  • Improved the cURL thread loop
  • Various UI improvements in the Printing Mode
  • Improved shutdown times
  • Linked against latest OpenSSL 1.1.1i and cURL 7.74.0
  • Fixed RMB to not select word under cursor if there already is a selection in editable components
  • Fixed pasting text into editors handling paste via JS/DOM Events
  • Fixed a crash in FavIcon loader
  • Fixed a crash when logging into AppleID
  • Fixed a crash when closing a window with tabs that are pending website load
  • Fixed early startup issues where OpenURL could send OPEN commands before Wayfarer fully initializes
  • Fixed a race condition in curl cache handling
  • Fixed a use-after-free when closing a window or loading a session
  • Worked around a bug causing some localized strings to be empty
  • Download name scheme is stored when a download begins, so subsequent settings changes won’t affect it
  • Page reload actually skips curl caches now
  • Command keys are no longer eaten by webkit
  • Loader now catches all ObjC terminal errors



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