MorphOS: Wayfarer 1.10 released!

Hi there,

A new version of the Wayfarer web browser has been released. This time it is version 1.10 and it features audio playback support and some minor bug fixes! 🙂

Version 1.9 was released on the 30th of December 2020 and contained the following updates:

Wayfarer 1.9 is now out with audio playback support and minor bug fixes.
The media player supports similar codecs as Odyssey, but also the Opus audio codec and MPEG-TS demuxing. HLS support allows listening to many modern radio streams. Media playback can be enabled or disabled per host. (Source)

Version 1.10 fixed a potential crash in AHI code.

Personally very happy with Wayfarer and also impressed about the development of the browser! Anyone else using Wayfarer on their MorphOS setup out there? 🙂

Thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog and wish you a Happy New Year!

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