ACube Systems: New Sam460cr production run

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Near the end of 2020, I wrote about the news from ACube Systems concerning the production of new Sam460cr boards. It turns out that they sold all the motherboards!

Due to this, they’ve recently announced that they will do a another production run:

Wed, 24 Mar 2021

New Sam460cr production run

Bassano del Grappa, Italy – 24 Mar, 2020

We would like to thank all our customers for their incredible support and overwhelming response to the availability of the new Sam460cr batch. They went out of stock in no time at all.

We are planning a new, bigger, production run but we need your help now! Production will be available on pre-order, asking just a small fee that will be discounted from the final price, so if you are interested, please write us now at to place your order or request additional information.

Please note that we will sell just the board, not full systems.

All customers who already placed their order and were unlucky with the first batch will be contacted by us for confirmation. Please be patient because we really got many emails, but rest assured that we will reply to everyone!

This certainly shows that there is a demand for more affordable AmigaOS 4 compatible hardware out there. The good thing about Sam460 is that it can run MorphOS as well, so that you get two Amiga next-generation operative systems in one box.

The Tabor / A1222 is still not available for purchase, many years after it was announced. In the meantime it looks like the Sam460 will fill the gap.


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