PowerBook G4 for MorphOS 3.15

The desktop of MorphOS 3.15 (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Some time ago my MorphOS computer, a Mac Mini G4, suddenly started displaying a grey screen and nothing else during startup. Tried various solutions like changing RAM, holding different key combinations at startup and so forth, but to no avail. Since I’ve been using a Windows keyboard for that computer, I got hold of a cheap Apple keyboard to test it out. I received many good tips at MorphZone on how to get it running again, so big thanks to the guys over there. 🙂 Taking some days to arrive, I stumbled upon a PowerBook G4 laptop with 17″ screen for a great price in the meantime. Since I received this one first, I decided to hook it up and get MorphOS running on it. It worked great and I’m very impressed with how nice the computer looks and works. I think it is safe to say that this laptop is now my main MorphOS computer. 🙂

My “new” PowerBook G4 laptop (photo by Old School Game Blog)

I’m currently in the process of installing programs, games, emulators and demos on it. Will also do some customizing of the desktop (icons, backdrop). The Internet browser Wayfarer is already installed and working. 😉 Nice to have an Amiga-like OS one can use for work related tasks, as well as general tinkering.

Thanks for reading and see you in another post here on Old School Game Blog!


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