MorphOS and the Summer Sale on GOG

Caesar III on sale.

Hi and thanks for popping by. 🙂

Made a few purchases on GOG this weekend. They have a big summer sale these days, so definitely a good opportunity to stock up on some games. 

Bought the following titles:

Alien Breed and Tower Assault
Caesar III
Epic Pinball – The Complete Collection
Mortal Kombat I, II and III
Pinball Gold Pack (Pinball Dreams 1 and 2, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Fantasies/Pinball Mania)
Pirates! Gold Plus
Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood

Sid Meier’s Colonization
Tropico Reloaded
Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny

I’m especially happy about Caesar III, since I’ve installed this one on my MorphOS computer. The developer BeWorld has made a port of this game from the PC, which is called Julius, and with the Caesar III files it runs great!

Caesar III running on my PowerBook G4 with MorphOS

Did give Moonstone a quick try, but was a bit disappointed about the lack of music in certain parts of the game, as well as a bit bad sound effects here and there. Having played the Amiga version a lot, I was expecting much of the same, but now I know the DOS version from GOG is not as good. Still, great to have this game in the library and will definitely play through it (again).

Beside this, I’ve been to the cinema with my daughter to see The Croods: A New Age, which was nice. 🙂 Also played a bit of Skyrim through Xbox Gamepass on the PC.

Now work awaits tomorrow. 😉

Thanks for reading and see you in another post here on my homepage.

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